Our Causes

  • The following information was provided by the Waukesha Police Department to help recognize and report suspicious activity. Remember, take a proactive approach to crime and trust your instincts. Always call WPD at (262) 524-3831 with reports of suspicious activity or suspicious individuals. How do I know what is “Suspicious”? Rely on your judgment. Your perception […]

  • Clean and Green: Dunbar Oaks Neighborhood Association has partnered with the City of Waukesha in the Adopt-A-Park program! Cleanup areas will be determined on day of event. Garbage bags will be provided. Bring work gloves if you have them. Clean & Green to take place every month on the third Saturday. Please share our cause […]

  • When you live in Dunbar Oaks, you don’t just live in a neighborhood, you live in a community. Most of the time people never know that they want to live in a community or really, need to. As the dictionary explains it, community is a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing […]