• Bethesda Park

    Bethesda Park has quite the infamous history as the showplace of the city when Waukesha was an internationally known spring water health resort.

    FEATURES: Picnic Shelter, Playground, Tennis Courts, Bathrooms

    HISTORICAL TIES: Dunbar Oak, Site of the Bethesda Spring House

  • Cutler Park

    This park, the oldest in the Waukesha, has the feel of a Town Square, nestled in front of the Waukesha Public Library.

    FEATURES: Performance Center, Playground, Bathrooms

    HISTORICAL TIES: Civil War Monuments, Indian Burial Mounds

  • Dog Walking Trail

    Dunbar Oaks is home to the only city approved dog walk in all of Waukesha. The trail starts in Bethesda Park, works its way over the Fox River pedestrian bridge, along the Riverwalk and all the way up to the Clocktower at the intersection of Clinton and Broadway.

    FEATURES: Doggy Drinking Fountain

  • Glacial Drumlin Trail

    The trail starts on the edge of Dunbar Oaks in the Fox River Sanctuary at 801 W. College Ave in Waukesha and goes west for 52 miles to Cottage Grove.

    Cost: $20.00 Annual | $4.00 Daily