Have you considered options other than hauling your Christmas Tree to your curb after the holidays? You can use your Christmas tree for other purposes. Consider the following …

If you feed birds in winter, your Christmas tree can provide valuable cover for the birds during stormy or cold weather. Simply lay your Christmas tree on its side or stick it upright in the snow near the bird feeders. Birds are more likely to patronize feeders if they have cover nearby.

If you’re a gardener, try using your Christmas tree boughs for protecting perennial flower and fruit plants. Cut the branches from the tree, and place them over strawberry plants, spring-flowering bulbs and perennials. You may have to anchor them down in windy places. The branches make good mulches themselves or can be used to help hold your mulches in place. The branches also help catch and hold snow over the plants. Snow is a great insulator and helps protect plants over winter. Don’t worry about the dry needles hurting the soil–as these break down, they add organic matter and nutrients to the soil beneath. In spring, use the main trunk of the tree as a natural border for a garden area.

If you have a garden-sized chipper-shredder, you can save your tree until spring, then chip it up for mulch. The chips make excellent mulch for all the plants in your garden and landscape.

Article courtesy of Waukesha County UW-Extension – Original article available here.